Cement Industry Workshop: Export, Economy and Sustainability on the Agenda

The first Cement Industry Workshop of 2024, held in Sapanca on May 17, brought together 35 company representatives. The workshop, which addressed current issues in the cement sector, focused on export, economy, and sustainability.

The workshop began with an opening speech by Vice Chairman Abdulhamit Akçay. Akçay provided information on the general situation of the sector and recent developments. Akçay then made a presentation on cement exports, evaluated current export data with the participants, and put the opportunities and obstacles facing the sector on the table.

The second session of the workshop was dedicated to Fatih Keresteci's presentation on Turkey's post-election economy. In his presentation, Keresteci addressed the effects of the post-election Turkish and world economies on the sector and how to protect against these effects.

The final session of the workshop was completed with a presentation of the sustainability action plan for the cement sector by Ernst & Young representatives.

The presentation detailed the work to reduce the environmental impact of cement production and the sustainability projects to be carried out by the sector in 2024 Ernst & Young representatives also made a number of recommendations to help cement companies achieve their sustainability goals.

The Cement Industry Workshop provided an important platform for industry representatives to come together to assess current developments, exchange ideas, and generate common solutions.