Company Representatives Gathered for the 2023 Cement Industry Roadmap

The first cement sector meeting of 2023 was held in Istanbul on January 5, 2023. At the meeting attended by 50 representatives, Turkish Cement Vice President Abdulhamit Akçay shared current information about the export of the Turkish cement industry, which is the world's largest exporter. At the same time, the impact of macroeconomic and geopolitical factors on the sector in various regions of the world was consulted. It was stated that the demand for cement due to infrastructure construction activities along with mega projects in the world and in Turkey has been on the rise in recent years.

The meeting continued with the presentation of the economic consultant Fatih Keresteci, and current data on the economic situation of the world and Turkey were shared. In addition, projections were mad efor 2023 on the reflections of issues such as the energy crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war and the foreign exchange market.

We would like to thank all sector representatives for their participation.